architecture sucks
3rd year architecture.cats.

A short update on my life (well that’s ironic) at the moment:

1. 33 days until final hand in. Panic. 

2. Bath or Sheffield for Masters? Don’t even have time to think about it.

3. I gave up chocolate for lent so none of the above matters because I’m going to die of a chocolate overdose by the end of the day. 

happyatelier: "Hello :) Your collection is really interesting and inspiring, thanks for sharing ~ where do you study? I study architecture in London, 2nd year :) and btw I really like your blog's theme! Nouha"

Thanks, just a collection of stuff I really like, I’m alway looking for new inspiration to keep me going. I’m in my 4th year at Bath (which is final year of the undergrad). So very busy and not much time to tumblr at the moment!


Marianne Calvelo (University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning)

roof, study model

Quick texture and shades work on my moleskine.
More stuff here :